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Problem Solving With Root Cause Analysis

Duration: 3 days

Accreditation:- This course is accredited by ECSA through SAAMA with

CPD Points:- 3 CPD Points

What is it all about? Identifying problem areas compromising business performance and either eliminating those business risks, or if unavoidable, managing these risks through the application of cost effective solutions, is a requirement for continuous improvement. Remain abreast of the latest techniques and strategies for “focused” interventions to make substantial improvements in specific aspects of asset management. This high impact, hands-on course will equip dedicated teams with the necessary knowledge and skill to identify problems and implement effective solutions in order to prevent problem reoccurrence. The course gives an in depth view of the fundamental aspects of problem solving with the specific objective of creating a structured and practical process for solving problems. It is essential for anyone responsible for the management and maintenance of physical assets, who aims to succeed and thrive in today’s highly demanding environment.

What makes it different? This training course is based on industry proven problem solving methodologies assembled in a structured and practical format. It aims to:

Who should attend?


Public training - scheduled at all major cities across Southern Africa

On-site training - any place, anywhere

Course outline

Modules covered in this two day intervention:

Introduction to Focused Improvement  Focused Improvement in context with other related improvement principles. Identify where to focus improvement activities. Introduction to the problem solving steps and its incorporation in the organisational structure. Overview of the benefits of Focused Improvement. This forms the framework for the rest of the course.

Define The key steps to follow to:

Develop a clear, concise and exact problem definition

Determine the significance of the problem

Define the goals and targets for the project

Measure Understand the current process and measure the current performance:

Gather and interpret data and facts in a structured fashion, rather than relying on opinions, intuition or perceptions

Analyse The essence of effective problem solving which is often neglected:


The implementation of the best solution:

Problem solving in context
We look at the problem solving techniques outlined in context with other related improvement techniques. Case study and practical exercises Witness the practical application of the problem solving steps by means of an exciting real world case study. Perform a number of practical exercises to simulate the application of the theory in a real world situation.