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Duration: 3 days

Accreditation:- This course is accredited by ECSA through SAAMA with

CPD Points:- 3 CPD Points

What is it all about? Asset  management is a strategic function of an organisation that ensures the highest level of physical asset performance. At the heart of this function are the asset care plans (ACPs) that must manage the inherent failure modes of the all the organisation’s physical assets.

The optimum maintenance mix (OMM) methodology was developed by Pragma with the specific objective of assisting companies in developing and improving the asset care plans for their physical assets. OMM is the overall plan that consists of the optimum mixture of preventive, predictive, pro-active and reactive tactics which ensure the highest overall equipment effectiveness at optimum cost. These ACPs will turn the maintenance function into your organisation’s competitive advantage in gaining world class competitiveness.

What makes it different? Pragma’s OMM utilises the powerful principles of reliability maintenance in a structured and practical format.

This course aims to:

develop the most cost-effective ACPs by applying the seven step OMM methodology

avoid the analysis paralysis trap with criticality analysis (apply the 80/20 principle to maximise the initial benefit and then add to the system through continuous improvement according to world class principles)

establish world class asset management best practices within your organisation

utilise root cause analysis capability within the asset management function to improve the ACPs on an on-going basis

develop essential knowledge management capability to ensure sustainable improvement.

Who should attend?

Senior asset and maintenance managers, Maintenance and production engineers, Production or operation managers, Engineering planners and People who want to improve the performance of their physical assets to optimise return on their capital investments Format

Public training - scheduled at all major cities across Southern Africa and Zambia

On-site training - any place, anywhere

Course outline Modules covered in this three day intervention: Asset management introduction

An overview of modern day asset management

Introduction to Pragma’s Asset Management Improvement Programme (AMIP) business process in support of ISO 55 000 Changing world of maintenance management How asset and maintenance practices have changed over the last 60 years, and the challenges facing maintenance managers and departments going into the future. ACP development process Formalising an overall risk based approach for the development and maintenance of all the asset care plans. Criticality analysis

Developing a formal criticality model addressing all the appropriate business risk factors

Applying the criticality model by performing a criticality analysis on a system, asset and component level Functional analysis

Partitioning a system or asset to a usable level for analysis

Identifying the function and performance standard of these partitioned assets or components

Failure analysis

Tactic selection

Selecting the most appropriate maintenance tactic to manage the identified failures

ACP detail development Developing the detailed ACPs in support of the selected tactic

ACP implementation

Putting all the ACPs together in a long term work plan and evaluating the combined effect to ensure the requirements are well balanced over the year. Is it practical from an operational context and does the budget exist to perform all the tasks? ACP assessment

Performing a self-assessment on the practices and associated performance of your organisation’s ability to develop and maintain its ACPs.

OMM game

Put your knowledge to the test and show how well you can manage your maintenance function! By playing the OMM game, the seven implementation steps and the importance of choosing the right tactic for each application are identified in a practical and fun way.