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Basics of Stores & Stock Control

Duration: 36 hours

The importance of the storekeeping function is often overlooked. This seems incomprehensible when you consider the value of stock this function is responsible for.

This course is targeted at all stores personnel, including the store man and all first-line supervisors. Other major users of the stores function also gain specific benefit from attending this course. The aim is to introduce candidates to the concepts of stock control and to develop stores control personnel who are able to accept responsibility through the understanding of the requirements of their function.

Entry Requirements

Basic literacy in English, and a basic understanding of numeracy.

Key learning points

The Role and organization of the store: Introduction, Objectives, The Supply Chain, Stores organisation, Procedures manual,

Relationships Ordering and tracking inventory: Objectives of purchasing, Selecting suppliers, The purchasing cycle, Replenishing stocks, Order receipts and receiving, Settlement of suppliers invoice, Stock pricing and valuation, Stock movement, Dealing with Excess stock,

Classification and coding of stock: Maintenance repair and operating terms, Coding of stock items, Stock coding, Coding Systems, Identifying incoming material, Bills of materials

Outcomes for BSSC:

A learner will achieve a basic understanding of the following: